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The last time we talked, we silently looked on as Twilight Sparkle and Dusk Shine reflected upon a tragic event from their past, but is something truly tragic when planned and controlled by others? Fluttershy and Butterscotch arrived, and they tell that Pinkie Pie has somehow escaped her hospital bed. The strangest thing about the situation is that, if the pink mare had suddenly felt better, where would she have gone, and why without telling her friends first?

We find ourselves at the asylum, back in the solitary confinement room where the pale pink stallion's been placed, but he no longer finds himself alone. His lover, Pinkamena, lies on top of him, smiling. He looks back up, staring into her blue eyes, smiling as well.

“Your glad to see me?” she asks, batting her eyelashes.

“I’m glad you're alright,” he chuckles. "I mean, you finally woke up, and that's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders."

She brushes some of his hair back with a free hand, the other lightly caressing his muzzle. Berriswainer really loved the way she made him more comfortable, no matter where they were.

“So, wanna hear about what happened after I came to?"


We're now at the hospital, where Pinkamena, lays still in her bed. Her long, dark pink hair was fanned out on the pillow. An oxygen mask on her muzzle kept her breathing well, and the life support machine made sure her vitals were all in check. The several cuts on her body were heavily bandaged, especially the one on her throat.

She suddenly jolts awake. Blue eyes dart to the left and right, then back to the front. Her breaths are ragged, and her heart races. She quickly sits up, but instantly returns to laying as pain shoots across her body.

She wonders how she got here, then begins trying to recollect memories of what happened before she blacked out.

Very slowly, blurred shapes and figures came to mind, and she's able to faintly remember the party that she and Berriswainer’s other personalities were throwing at Sugarcube Corner. She also remembered them being in the basement, as they usually were.

They had been fighting, both physically and verbally. She had cuts all over her body, which was nude.

She remembered his face, which was completely void of emotion as she thrashed about over his waist, with drops of blood flying to and fro. The two of them were having sex, of course, but that's a story for another time. The rustling of the doorknob sends her into panic mode.

She instantly laid back down, deciding to pretend she was still in a coma. She squints her eyes enough to just barely be able to see, and watched as a security guard and another stallion walk in.

Both stallions stand at the foot of her bed.

“So, this is the mare you been telling me about?” asked the stallion, who appeared to be a pegasus.

“Yep. I tell you what, she's been here about six months now after that incident at Sugarcube Corner,” said the guard with a sigh.

“Yeah. I heard about that from a friend of mine. They should have put that bastard to death after what he did to this little mare."

While they were talking, Pinkamena, still pretending, heard what he said about Berriswainer.

Her Berriswainer.

She feared that something must have happened to him, although she couldn't say she was surprised. After all, he did cut her throat and put her in a damn coma.

Before she could think further, though, she felt a hand place itself on her right breast, moving it up and down slightly, almost as if whoever was weighing it.

“Still,” said the stallion, “even if she is all banged up, she sure is a pretty one.”

The alarms in her head had gone off.

The guard looks at his friend, slightly disgusted by what he knew he wanted to do, and more so disgusted with himself for allowing him to follow through.

“Alright, man. Don’t take too long, and please, don’t make a mess. I’ll be back in about fifteen minutes.”

He walks out of the room, and the stallion cracks his knuckles before giving his full attention back to the mare on the table.

The stallion leans over her, gently removing the oxygen mask from her mouth. He brushes a stray piece of her hair away from her face.

He quickly shoved his lips to hers, forcing his tongue inside of her mouth. His demeanor changed, however, when he felt to sets of teeth clamp down over his tongue, and a bitter taste fill his mouth.

A smile formed on the pink stallion's face.

“You actually bit his tongue?”

She nodded, quite proud with herself.

“Yep. I felt that bastard got what he deserved after I ripped his tongue from his mouth.”

Several silence-filled moments ensue after that statement, allowing the two a rare moment of quiet together.

Berriswainer was absolutely thrilled to see his marefriend. Despite what his facade told the guards, he had started getting quite sad and lonely without any real company. But, he wonders, what would happen if somepony were to find out she was with him? He shook his head.

“I wanna get out of here,” he said bluntly, “and I would be delighted if you'd help me out of this thing."

Being stuck in that straight-jacket for long kept him from doing anything, ranging from the simple, like stretching, to the extreme, such as taking his own life.

“Why? You look so cute with it,” she said with a cutesy-wootsy voice, which made him groan in annoyance.

“Seriously. Get me out of this thing. Please?”

She thought for a moment, then said, “Alright, fine. But bring it with you. Maybe we could have a little fun after we get outta here."

“Feeling kinky, eh?”

“Could be," she said with a sly smile.

Before either of them could say more, the alarm began to blare throughout the asylum. Instantly, staff members and security guards alike were on the move, searching around the place for them.

The two nutcases run through the halls. They could hear other patients hollering, banging on their doors, desperate to make the noise stop.

The two stop at a door marked "Operation”. Heavy hoof steps were heard from down the hall as they proceeded inside. The room was empty, save for a lone chair in the center and several tools up on a tray.

Berriswainer looks over the stuff as Pinkamena watches the door. The hoof steps were getting closer, and she was starting to really panic. Berry called when he finally found what he'd been looking for.

In his hands were two sharp objects; one is a regular-sized saw, and the other is a scalpel. He handed her the scalpel, which she looked at unamused, but thought it'd have to do as the final knock came to the door.

The doors burst open. About five security guards flooded through, primed tasers in their hands, ready to subdue the pair. Berriswainer and Pinkamena looked at each other, then back towards the guards. Both had sadistic smiles plastered onto their faces. Before the guards could do anything, a flashes of pink bolted towards them.

Blood spattered across the door and onto the floors. The first two were injured badly, one had been cut clean across the face, and the final two were undoubtedly dead. The two psychos went on a rampage, busting through the doors and killing everypony unfortunate enough to be spotted.

The sickening sounds of bodies hitting the floor and laughter echoed throughout the halls.

Meanwhile, back at the library, Twilight and Dusk were still in shock at what they'd heard from Fluttershy.

Nopony said anything, so the only thing that could be heard was the sound of infinite drops of rain bouncing off of the outer walls of the library. Twilight cleared her throat, breaking the silence.

“But, how? What do you mean Pinkie's not in her room?”

Fluttershy, who had calmed down said, “We don’t know. They never told us anything more than what we told you two."

Twilight was now even more worried about her pink friend's disappearance.

“Pinkie...” she mutters.

Dusk Shine glances at his love, feeling the exact pain she does. He tries comforting her.

“Listen,  I’ll send a letter to Prince Solaris for help. Fluttershy and Butterscotch, you go and tell the others what the situation is.”

Soon, everypony followed through with the plan. Dusk started writing the letter to let the Prince know about Pinkie’s disappearance, Fluttershy and Butterscotch found the others, but what about Twilight? She found herself heading out into the pouring rain in search of answers.

At the hospital, one of the staff members had calmed done considerably once Twilight had arrived. She asked the doctor to tell her exactly what happened when Fluttershy came in to check on Pinkie earlier. She told her about Pinkie’s obvious disappearance, and how they'd found the body of a male pegasus with blood pooling in the mouth, which made Twilight a little more than sick to her stomach.

But, she wonders, what would that guy come to her friend’s room for? Not getting any new details, she decides to leave.

As she makes it outside, she spots some royal guards making their way inside, probably towards the crime scene. They stop her, quickly questioning her, and she answers to the best of her abilities. They dismiss her shortly after she finishes.

She walks off and prays that, hopefully, her friend will be okay.

Inanimate bodies littered the floor, their crimson life spilling forth from their wounds. Standing above them, Pinkamena and Berriswainer panted heavily, their blades still held tightly in their hands. Berry looks over at his partner, admiring the way the deep red of the blood brought out the magnificent blue of her eyes. He reached out and gave her a pat on the back, silently congratulating her. She flashed him a small smile.

He put his hand back down, then turned towards the exit. If he stepped through that door, he could finally be free. True, he'd still be resented by his friends, and he'd probably be placed on several watch lists, but he'd at least be out of his room. He glanced at her, and she glanced back, the two staring deeply into one another's eyes.

“You ready to go?”

He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes.


She holds out her hand to him, and he accepts. Both killers walk away, hand-in-hand, with the storm looking as if it'd finally start clearing up soon.
chapter 3 is up!

sorry for the long wait. I had been waiting for my editor to get done editing, even though, he is quite busy with other stuff and all. I was looking forward to find a new editor for my stories, but I'll just stick with him for awhile.

Pinkamena/Pinkie Pie and MLP: FiM @ Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:
Bubble Berry @ :icontrotsworth:
Story @ Me
Editor @ Lord of Nothing from FIMFiction

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The rest, I admired how you described in the end, how the blood runs down her face.

Keep going! :)
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